Andreas and Galyna Gutekunst


GALA & ANDY – Galyna Alexandra Nebova und Andreas Michael Gutekunst are givers of opportunities and are always happy about every person with a burning desire for more personal & financial freedom! Together as a team, they carry health, beauty, fashion, moving pictures & wealth around the world. Due to their constellation - Gala originates from the Ukraine and works as a teacher, while Andy is a multi-entrepreneur, actor and bodybuilder and at PM-International Champions League member and 1Star Leader of Excellence. With their dream factory they are contact persons to self-employed persons, executives, entrepreneurs - German-speaking and Russian-speaking - and support them in building up a solid "pension account" independent of the state, politics and demographics.


Those working with Gala and Andy benefit from an extremely large network - thanks to the Gutekunst group of companies with its various companies. Both describe themselves as "not totally contaminated with network marketing" despite their many years of experience in the industry. Anyone who looks at their social media channels will realize that they love what they do. Galyna Alexandra Nebova and Andreas Michael Gutekunst also, use the new media actively for communication and team building and are happy to pass this expertise on. Working on the internet as well as social media, video and mobile marketing is clearly one of the strengths of “Traumfabrik” / “Dream factory”.


"With a high eight-digit annual turnover which is achieved by our team, we know how the sales industry works".

"With a high eight-digit annual turnover which is achieved by our team, we know how the sales industry works", says Andreas Michael Gutekunst and although he is so versatile, he has been loyal to the same network company for 13 years. "We are not network hoppers and hyperlinks," he laughs, and that is the reason why he is one of the most successful part-time networkers in Europe (network marketing professional since 2001). This success is the result that is shown in the way they work. Gala & Andy have long since gone from being a contact (hunter) to being contacted (hunted) and everyone in the team is taught how to do this. "To show the way there, we take everyone by the hand and train", so Gala and Andy adds: "If exactly this situation arises, then you are really independent and completely free."





Gala and Andy operate network marketing in top form and combine this with serious top social media additional. However, despite all the tools and technology for the qualification of new team partners in the first career stage, they usually speak to these people personally. "Face to Face, is very important for us", so Andy and it doesn't matter where the meeting takes place. Because Gala and Andy travel a lot anyway, every meeting can be arranged individually. (Andreas Michael Gutekunst lives in Austria in the middle of the mountains, the headquarters of the main companies are near Hanover, there is a branch in Wuppertal too and in Odessa/ Ukraine, the couple created a “love nest” with a direct view of the Black Sea. This also serves as a sales office east). Personal contact and on-site target planning are essential for both. They say: “You are important to us. We want to give our best personal and electronic support AT ALL TIMES.” Right this is another point where Gala and Andy are unique.

The work of the networkers can be duplicated for everyone. Although the two are so different, they pull together. Andy Gutekunst, who is not only a business guy, but draws attention to himself as a "Shrek", muscle man, ex-wrestler and actor also, is very different from the tender Galyna who - despite her network marketing successes - also works as a teacher with heart and soul. But in the middle, where both meet finally, with their love, passion, vitality, success, fun and joy in doing, they are not only leaders, but role models also. The dream factory Gala & Andy provides opportunities in two divisions: On the one hand, the unique (almost completely patented) products ensure more well-being and on the other hand, the business opportunity offers the great opportunity to improve really your own life in the long term. The development of a second mainstay is extremely important and not only in this day and age.

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Who start building a team with Gala & Andy learn from two experienced top networkers. Whoever becomes active at the side of PM-International can trust in a German company that has recorded stable growth since 1993 and now ranks 13th among the worldwide direct sales companies with annual sales of over one billion US dollars (2019). It was one of the first direct sales companies that was certified as fair direct sales by the German TÜV. For less than 100 euros an entry as a business partner is possible. "Therefore we have products that are consumed and used every day and achieve a visible and tangible benefit." Not only to financial freedom, the dream (factory) couple helps but to fitness, beauty, well- being and lasting performance into old age also.


Galyna and Andreas Gutekunst operate internationally. From Germany, they see an enormous potential, especially in the Russian-speaking countries. “The people of this region are interested in money, because they love lifestyle, fashion and luxury,” explains Gala and has to smile herself because her name GALA says it all. When people see the great opportunity Network Marketing offers, they stop discussing and take off. With Gala and Andy on your side and a strong company like PM-International behind you, nothing stands in the way of your own success. (BS)


"When people realize the great opportunity network marketing offers, they stop discussing and take off."

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